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Packiethebear hails from the north-west of Ireland in the small county of Leitrim. He is a huge supporter of all things Leitrim and shows his pride by always sporting the green and gold jersey.

Packie the bear was even named after one of the all time greats of Leitrim GAA, Packy McGarty.

Packy is a former footballer that used to play for Leitrim in 1950's and 60's. He was included in the Team of the Century of Footballers never to have won an All-Ireland medal and was the only Leitrim man to be included on the Connacht GAA team of the millennium. 

Packiethebear was just too small to follow in his namesake's footsteps and play football. Instead he chose a different path along the travel route with the attempt of seeing as much of the world as possible. 

After 5 years on the road Packiethebear has been to over 50 countries on all 7 continents and he has sailed on all the 7 seas.  

He has set foot on the Antarctic mainland, traversed through jungles of South America and South-East Asia, hiked to the base of the world's highest mountain and has come face to face with some of the world's most amazing wildlife. 

Follow him on his adventures and explore the world through the eyes of this travelling teddybear. 

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Follow Packiethbear around the globe and explore the world through the eyes of a's well worth a look. 

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